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VOYAFX Affiliate Program

Nowadays, interest in additional income opportunities with little or no investment has grown tremendously. All online casinos, betting and trading that promise high returns require an initial investment, and its recovery is not certain at all. A less risky and reliable way to earn additional income without investment is participation in an affiliate program. The only thing required is placing an advertising banner on your page to take advantage of this opportunity. The availability of affiliate programs is great, and here we present the financial broker VOYAFX, which offers such an opportunity.

Who is behind the financial company VoyaFX and what does it offer? According to information on its page, clients can trade contracts for difference (CFDs) on more than 1,000 financial instruments through its own web-based platform. Thanks to deep liquidity, orders are executed at high speed without requoting, regardless of traded volumes. Convenient risk control features are also available, and free financial news makes trading easier.

The VoyaFX website is owned and operated by Ever Financial, formerly Financial House Ever. The investment intermediary is licensed to offer financial services both in the countries of the European Union and in other countries. The brokerage company has over 30 years of experience and presence in the financial markets.

Ever Financial created its own online trading platform called in 2009. It quickly became one of the most used and recognizable platforms in the EU and UK. Shortly thereafter, in 2011, was spun off as an independent company, but Ever Financial (former Financial House Ever) remained its sole deep liquidity provider until the end of 2014.

Today, Ever Financial has once again developed and launched a new, even more advanced online trading platform available on the website. The goals of the investment intermediary are not low at all, claiming that it expects to achieve the same success of, and even surpass it.

With the above in mind, VoyaFX Affiliates is a very good choice for attracting additional traffic and funds from online advertising. In the program you will find a user-friendly interface and the marketing tools you need. Financial management is also planned to be as transparent as possible. Knowing that the financial side of everything is the most important, here you can take advantage of the very good commissions, grabbing 100 USD + up to 48% of the income generated by a qualified customer referral. In addition, VOYAFX has a knowledgeable and experienced sales and support team and usually results in long-term affiliate relationships and hence reliable income.

Since the brokerage company is serious and has a lot of experience, you get a high conversion rate. The web-based platform provides everything you need for easy and profitable trading, without unnecessary complications. Thus, attracting new merchants becomes easy and the probability that the referred users become active merchants increases significantly. This naturally leads to higher commissions for affiliates.

Understandably, the most important thing for each partner is the funds received. VOYAFX Affiliate Program has diligently taken care of their monitoring and control. You can track what is happening in detail, monitor the rate of revenue and optimize your marketing strategies accordingly. You are not alone in all this: a dedicated support team is ready to help you adequately when you need it.

What you need to do is choose a banner for your website. The VoyaFX affiliate program offers a great variety of banners and landing pages, so you’ll find something you like. If you still don’t find what you’re looking for, but you have an idea of what you want, it can be made exactly to your specifications.

In summary, the VoyaFX affiliate program is a great opportunity to generate additional income through online website advertising. One of the highest commissions in the industry, transparent and detailed statistics and a variety of marketing tools guarantee the partner’s success.

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