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VOYAFX and their WebTrader Platform

Behind the name VOYAFX is the European brokerage company FH Ever JSCo, which provides financial services under its EU license (BFSC is a supervisory authority). VOYAFX is also regulated by the FCA in the UK and traders can benefit from the security provided by a strictly regulated European broker and the simplicity of the trading terminal. The VOYAFX platform is web-based and can run in any modern browser without having to install anything. In addition, the company offers the world-famous trading terminal – MetaTrader 4/5, where the spread starts from 0.2 pips.

The first impression is of a clean and convenient trading terminal. Initially loaded assets are on the left and can be organized by dragging and dropping. The search box above them helps you find the desired asset. Once located, you can add it by the + button. Each instrument is presented with a “buy” and “sell” price, which changes in real time. These become trading buttons when the instrument name is clicked. If you have open positions, their number is also displayed.

You can use two order execution modes. The market execution mode is initially active. In this mode orders are executed with slippage (if any) – at the next available market price. The new position appears below the sell and buy buttons and stop-loss and take-profit can be attached to it. The instant execution mode is activated by clicking on the edit symbol at the upper right corner of the selected asset You can set correlated stop-loss and take-profit orders before placing the market order. You can place pending orders from this menu as well. The legal documents inform that stop loss orders are guaranteed and will be executed at the predefined price, regardless of market conditions.

All open positions can be displayed and modified by clicking on the Positions tab, next to the Charts tab. They appear in the chart window. Here you can view a third-party economic calendar, embedded into the platform. A real-time news module is also incorporated into the platform. Past deals reports can be found through a separate menu.

Charts are in the center of the terminal. They can show the “sell” or “buy” prices. Charts are represented as bars, candles, or lines. Timeframes can be selected from 1 minutes to 1 month and ticks. Dragging the horizontal and vertical ribbons changes the scale. There are several graphical tools including Fibonacci retracement and trendlines. There are nearly 120 technical indicators to help build your trading strategy. Up to 6 charts can be displayed simultaneously in the multi-chart mode.

In general, the terminal is simply structured and provides all the necessary trading tools for beginners and regular traders. You can use it with any current browser without installing anything.

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