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24yield.com – One Simple Web Platform

The 24yield.com website is owned and operated by Ever Financial AD. It is authorized and licensed by the BFSC and is MiFID II compliant. Traders who would like to trust a safe and highly regulated European brokerage can open an account with Ever Financial AD. Note that ESMA II compliant conditions will then apply, and maximum leverage will be limited to 1:30. For higher risk-averse traders, the 24yield.com website offers the option of opening an account with GCH Ltd, which is regulated in Oceania and Ever Financial (Global) Ltd regulated in Mauritius. Then you will be able to trade with higher leverage (up to 1:100). 

24yield.com offers a web-based platform that can run on any currently available browser without the need to install anything. The terminal consists of two parts – for the instruments on the left and for the charts in the center. You can add and remove instruments by typing their names in the search field and then clicking the “plus” sign next to the one you want. Clicking the Edit button allows you to rearrange instruments. They can be repositioned by dragging and dropping them to the new place. When you finish, click Save. Clicking on the name turns the prices into trade sections where you can open trades. 

Entering the market is done through two modes of execution of market orders. The main difference between them is whether you will pre-attach related stop-loss and take-profit orders to the open position. In the market execution mode, you enter the desired amount and click the Confirm button. You must have previously decided whether you will buy or sell the asset by pressing the appropriate button. The new open position appears in the Open Trades section and there you can manage the risk by attaching stop-loss or take-profit orders to it. If you want to manage the risk before placing the market order, you should toggle the relevant slider and enter the parameters of the related orders. This is the instant execution mode. You can also submit so-called entry orders here. 24yield.com claims to guarantee the execution of stop-loss orders at the requested price, regardless of what happens in the market, and at no additional cost. You can also keep track of important financial and rating news without the need to leave the platform as these features are built in. 

Charts can show real-time buy or sell prices converted to bars, candles or lines ranging from 1 minute to 1 month. You can change the vertical and horizontal scale of the chart by dragging them. You can also place Fibonacci retracement, trendlines and other drawings. More than one hundred technical indicators are available. If you want, your entire window can be taken up entirely by the chart by clicking the Full Screen mode button. 

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