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Financial company Depaho Ltd has developed its own trading platform called TradeApp. The platform is web based and runs on any modern browser. Depaho Ltd is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC).

The platform looks simple and easy-to-use. The workspace consists of three parts that cannot be resized or moved. The upper window shows instruments and quotes. Initially, they appear as price boxes with buy and sell buttons, but you can switch them as rows via the button above the quotes window.

The most important thing here is that all spreads are fixed. The 1-Click Trade mode button is next to it. If it is not enabled, clicking the buy or sell button invokes the Open Position dialog. Here you enter the amount and select the order type (market or limit) and predefine the stop loss and take profit values in advance (instant execution model).

If the 1-Click Trade mode is enabled, you can set the trading amount in the instrument box and clicking the buy or sell button executes the order directly. We could not make deals because the company does not allow demo accounts, so we can only guess what will happen next.

The bottom window is for already open positions. You can also check your trading history and active pending orders here by selecting the corresponding tabs.

The chart window occupies the central part of the workspace. All settings are predefined, and you cannot customize it. The chart can be displayed as candlesticks, bars, Heikin-Ashi, and dots. Time frames start from 1 minute to 1 month including tick mode. Graphical objects include lines, arrow, geometric shapes and Fibonacci retracement. You can place nearly 180 technical indicators from the alphabetical menu. You can also trade directly from the chart.

There are several buttons on the right side of the terminal. The first button is supposed to open the economy calendar, but when we clicked it, only an empty window appeared. The next button is for live news. The third one shows some trading opportunities and when you click on the Trade Now button of the selected strategy, the Open Position window appears with all the parameters filled in according to that strategy. The last button is a link to a training section.

Overall, this is an extremely simplified platform with no additional features. It is suitable for beginners, but more experienced traders will prefer a terminal that offers more trading options.

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