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Ayondo is a trading name of the British forex and CFDs broker Ayondo Markets Limited that is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). There are social trading services but they are available on the German brand Ayondo GmbH only. The company provides its own web-based trading platform called TradeHub.

After logging into the platform, the default workspace is loaded. There are three main sections: the top menu bar, the bottom menu bar and the trading area. They can be resized or closed. Initially, the Global Watchlist is pre-defined and contains nine of most used instruments (currency pairs and stocks). Each row shows the chart button, the instrument name, daily change, high/low values and sell and buy buttons. There are Add Product(s) and Edit Watchlist buttons at the top of the window. The first one allows other instruments to be added for trading. The product search window opens and all available instruments are sorted in asset classes. There also is a search field where the desired instrument can be found by typing its name. Once found, the instrument can be added to the watch list or orders can be placed directly from this window.

Clicking on the buy or sell button opens the order window of the corresponding instrument. There are big buy and sell buttons with prices and fields for the trade size, stop loss and take profit values (instant order execution). Placing of market orders option is active by default. There are buttons for entry and OCO orders as well. When the order properties are set, it will be fulfilled by pressing Place Sell/Buy Trade button at the bottom of this window. Open positions appear in the Open positions and Orders window. It is not shown by default and opens by clicking on the corresponding button from the top menu bar. Open positions can be modified and closed here.

Chart window can be resized or maximized. Orders can be made directly from this window. There are 13 time-frames – from 1 minute to 1 year. A significant number of indicators are available, alphabetically sorted. The drawings tab includes arrows, trend lines, support/resistance lines and Fibonacci retracement. The chart can display ask, bid or mixed prices. Open positions are shown as lines and can be modified or closed directly from this window. The mouse scroll wheel is used for zooming. There are buttons for printing or saving the current chart.

The Getting Started window is to the right of the Global Watchlist and the account is above it. Here is the information about cash balance, profit/loss and used margin. There are three buttons to the bottom right of the platform. The first opens Getting Started section, the second one is for preferences and the third is the logout button.

Although the platform is fully customizable, all functions are easily accessible and most probably can be convenient for both novice and advanced users.

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