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Colmex Pro is the trading name of Colmex Pro Ltd., a CySEC-regulated company that offers online trading through the popular MetaTrader 4 platform and its own developed Colmex Pro CFD Trader.

Colmex Pro CFD Trader requires downloading of a 5 MB executable file. After the installation and logging into the platform, the default screen is loading. The first impression is for a complicated platform but stock trading requires this. Workspace is organized in windows, each of them can be resized, moved, detached from and attached to the platform. There is a menu bar at the top containing dropdown menus where all the basic actions can be fulfilled.

Workspace can be personalized by choosing which window to be shown from the Trade dropdown menu. The tree essential for trading windows are named Trading, Account Manager and Trade manager. Orders are fulfilled in the Trading window. Its upper section gives information about best bid/ask prices, previous close, daily lows and highs and traded volume. The lower section gives information about Level II quotes and volumes of the market makers. Account manager window displays all open positions and it consists of Position tab and Account tab. Each of them shows details of all open positions and of the account. Trade manager window consists of five tabs and represents history reports of client’s trades.

Pending orders are set in the Basket Orders option from the Trade menu. Here the new pending order can be added or existing to be modified or cancelled.

Chart window consists of two rectangles that can be moved up and down, minimized, maximized and closed. Time-frames are organized in tabs and each tab has a dropdown submenu. The minimum frame is 1 minute and the maximum is 3 months. Graphical objects include vertical, horizontal and tradelines, Fibonacci retracements, text, circles, rectangles and arrows. Indicators are organized in thematic groups. Chart settings allow colors to be changed and drawings to be saved. Zooming is done by Up/Down arrows of the keyboard. News window can be configured to show only related to the chosen instrument articles.

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