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SVKMarkets is the trading name of the British company SVK Capital Management Ltd, which acts as an introducing broker of City Index. The company is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and along with the popular MetaTrader 4 platform, it offers its own, web-based one, called Advantage Web.

Web-based version doesn’t require any download and installation and can be launched from a browser of any Internet connected computer. After logging into the platform, the welcome screen appears. Firstly, users can set their time zone, then they can select dark or light theme and after that the default workspace is loaded. It is organized like the desktop version containing similar windows. They can be resized or closed and then can be reopened from the settings menu button on the top left corner of the platform. The main window contains the instruments list. It is separated into two parts. The left one is for searching and adding instruments and can be hidden, so that the second one – the watchlist – will occupy the whole space of this window. Instruments can be added by typing their names in the search field or by selecting them from the corresponding group below it. The watchlist window consists of two tabs initially – one for popular markets and one for a new watchlist. Each row here shows all the necessary information about instruments including the buttons with buy and sell prices. Customers can select which columns to be displayed from the settings button.

Double click on the symbol name or a click on the boy or sell button opens the order window. All order properties can be set here including its type, direction, hedging mode, and predefined stop loss and take profit levels (instant execution model). There is a guaranteed stop loss option but it is not free (the charge depends on the traded quantity).

There is the Position window at the bottom of the platform. It consists of tabs showing Open positions, Active orders (pending ones), Price alerts, Orders History and Trade history. Fulfilled orders appear in the Open positions tab where can be modified and closed. They are also displayed as price lines in the Chart window. Each line shows the traded amount and direction. Clicking on the lines opens the order window. There are 16 time-frames – from a tick to 1 year. Charts can display bid, ask or mid prices so users can view the right ones depending on their positions. There are menus at the top of the chart window representing a lot of indicators, drawing tools and chart types. They make the charts a very handy and useful tool. There is an option to save current chart as a picture or to share it on the social networks.

There is a 1-Click trading button on the top right corner of the workspace. Once the default order quantity is set in the watchlist window, opening of positions is only one click away. In conclusion, this is a complicated platform that can be useful for both advanced and beginners.

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