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SVKMarkets Desktop

SVKMarkets is the trading name of the British company SVK Capital Management Ltd, which acts as an introducing broker of City Index. The company is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and along with the popular MetaTrader 4 platform, it offers its own one called AT Pro.

Desktop version requires downloading of an executable file of 38 MB and after installation the destination folder becomes 128 MB. Following logging into the platform, the initial workspace is loaded. It is organized in menus with tabs and the default view is called ‘Tab menu fixed’. Customer can change it to ‘Tab menu hover’ and ‘Classic menu’. First impression is for a complicated but tidy platform.

The workspace is separated in five windows that can be resized, closed, docked and undocked outside the platform. The upper left window is named ‘Market Search’ and displays the instrument list. The desired instrument can be found by typing its name in the search field or by selecting it from the corresponding market in the dropdown menu of the filter button. A custom watch list can also be created. It will be shown in a dedicated window. Each row here shows plenty of information about the instrument. Clicking on the Bid (Sell) or Ask (Buy) buttons opens the Create Market Order window. All order properties can be set here including its type, direction, hedging mode, and predefined stop loss and take profit levels (instant execution model). There is a guaranteed stop loss option but it is not free (the charge depends on the traded quantity). Orders can also be placed from the menu options when right-clicking on the instrument row.

Fulfilled orders appear in the Open positions window where can be modified and closed. They are also displayed as price lines in the Chart window. Each line has an attached balloon showing information about the price and direction. Dragging the lines up and down defines new price levels. Chart window highlights a rectangle that contains daily, weekly or monthly periods of candles, so users can easily navigate the chart. There are 16 time-frames – from a tick to 1 year. Charts can display bid, ask or mid prices so users can view the right ones depending on their positions. There are menus at the bottom of the chart window representing a lot of indicators, drawing tools and chart types. They make the charts a very handy and useful tool.

Menus at the top of the platform give access to all major features of the application including account information, news and economic calendar, set-up the workspace, create alerts and automated trading. There is a 1-Click trading button as well. Once the order parameters are set into the default order settings window, opening of positions is only one click away. In conclusion, this is a complicated platform that can be useful for both advanced and beginners.

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