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Plus500 WebTrader

The Cypriot broker Plus500 provides its own trading platform that is available as a desktop version, a web-based version and a mobile application.

The web-based version can be launched on every computer with an Internet connection. It doesn’t require any download or installation.

Default workspace is horizontally divided into two windows – the upper one is for the instruments and the lower one is for charts. Initially, all popular instruments are shown but Risers and Fallers and Favorites can be displayed as well. Other asset groups can be selected from the menus below.

Each line of the instruments lists consists of Symbol name, Daily change, Sell (Short) and Buy buttons, High and Low values for the day, Add to favorites and Add a price alert buttons. Account menu bar is placed above the instruments window, showing Available funds, Equity, Margin and current result. The instrument search box is also located there.

The vertically positioned menu bar at the left side contains Trade, Open positions, Orders and Closed positions buttons. Each of them displays respective information in the upper window. Orders are fulfilled by clicking on the buy or sell (short) buttons from the instrument list. A trade window opens at the right side. All necessary data for placing market and pending orders is there. Customers can activate Trailing stop and Guaranteed stop loss options. Open positions can be closed and modified both from the instruments window and open positions window.

Charts are quite simplified and offer several options to be set including zoom and 10 time-frames (from tick to 1 week). Nearly 20 indicators can be added to the chart that can be displayed as candlesticks and lines.

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