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Trading212 is a brand name of the Bulgarian financial company Avus Capital Ltd. This broker only provides its own platform that is available as a web version. It doesn’t require any download or installation and can be launched on any computer with an Internet connection.

Following logging into the platform a welcome screen appears. It explains the common steps of opening and closing a position and can be skipped. The light theme is loading by default and there are three main windows in the workspace. Favorites window is on the left side and the instruments are displayed as cubes. Each cube shows the name of the instruments, Buy and Sell buttons, quantity, spread, last trading session mini chart, chart button and detailed trade box button. Instruments can also be displayed as a list or as customized boxes. They can be added by typing their names into the search field (it opens a new window) or by choosing them from the Add instruments menu where they are arranged in asset groups.

Orders can be placed directly from the cubes by pressing Buy or Sell buttons, or by opening the Detailed trade box. Market orders are fulfilled through the instant execution model. That means take-profit and stop-loss orders can be set before entering the market (in the New order window). Pending orders can be placed from the detailed trade box. Customer can see the necessary margin and the overnight swap charged when entering the desired quantity. Open positions are displayed in the separate window. They can be modified and closed here. There is a possibility all or selected positions to be closed at the same time.

Charts are shown in the third window that is organized in tabs – for each open chart. There are 11 time-frames – from a tick to 1 month. Customers can choose among normal candles, Heikin-Ashi, bars or lines. Graphical objects include measuring tool, trend lines, support/resistance lines, geometric shapes and Fibonacci retracements. There are 45 indicators thematically arranged. Buy and Sell buttons are incorporated into the chart window and deals can be made directly from here. Custom templates can be created, so that the preferred settings can be applied to the new chart quickly. The chart shows lines for opening price, as well as stop-loss (SL) and take profit (TP) prices. Like the popular platform cTrader, TP and SL levels can be adjusted directly from the chart, dragging the lines to the desired prices.

Reports and other settings are available from the menu button next to the company logo. Platform provides two trading modes Aggregating mode and Hedging mode. The difference is that when trading in aggregating mode clients can only open one position with the same instrument, while in the hedging mode each new position with the same instrument is opened as a separate one.

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