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CAPEX WebTrader

The company Key Way Investments Limited operates under a trading name CAPEX.com. It is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) and has developed its own web-based platform called WebTrader.

The platform looks neat and useful. There are three main modules and one vertical bar with icons in the workspace.

The assets available for trading are in the left module. There are tabs that display different types of assets into the module such as Popular, Top Risers, Top Fallers, Top Volatile and Top Traded. Each line shows the sell and the buy prices, daily changes, and the 24-hour trend. Clicking the instrument name opens it chart into the chart module.

Orders can be placed by clicking the sell or buy buttons. The Trade window opens and here you can set the type of order (market, limit, stop), the amount and the associated stop loss and take profit orders. Clicking the Place order button opens the position or places the pending order. Already open positions can be viewed in the chart module by clicking the Open position tab.

The chart module occupies the main part of the space.

It is also organized in tabs and can display Key Statistics for the instrument, Currency converter, related instruments, Open positions, and Pending orders. There are buy and sell buttons in the chart and you can trade directly from here. Charts can be maximized and occupy the entire workspace. You can add up to four instruments to multi-chart mode. Chart types include candlesticks, HeikinAshi, bars, lines, area, and percentage values for the mode of comparison. Time frame starts from one minute to one month. Zooming can be done by the dedicated buttons or by the mouse scroll wheel. Graphical objects include different types of lines, measurement tool, text, and Fibonacci retracement. 90 technical indicators are available from the Indicators menu and can be configured via the Edit indicator window. The Chart settings button allows all colors to be customized. The chart can display the buy rate, the sell rate, and the mid-rate.

The third module is for Trading signals. The information provided is for the shares only and there is a message that this is a third-party service.

The main bar is at the top containing account information such as account balance, margin requirements, current profit/loss, and account profile. All the reports for your account can be viewed here. You have access to several trading tools such as daily analysis, bloggers opinions, news, and video tutorials.

Overall, the platform is neat and intuitive. It provides all the necessary tools for basic trading and is suitable for the average trader. More experienced traders would prefer the MetaTrader terminal, which the company also offers.

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