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CMC Markets

British company CMC Markets UK PLC is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It provides its own web-based trading platform called ‘Next Generation’ that is also available for mobile devices.

There are four layouts predefined – default, chart, FX and countdowns. Each of them consists of corresponding windows arranged to match the layout name. Customers can modify existing and add new layouts through the Layout manager. The default layout represents all necessary windows for opening and monitoring trades. Instruments window is at the top left. Each row displays the instrument name, daily low and high prices, daily change and sell/buy buttons with prices. Except popular products and major FX pairs customized watch lists can also be created. Each window can be linked to other ones by defining its color. There are four colors to be used as linked groups of modules. Selecting an instrument from one window shows corresponding information in the all linked windows.

Clicking on the buy or sell button opens the Order window. The order setting can be defined here including stop loss and take profit levels of the market order before its fulfillment (instant execution model). There is an option to set a guaranteed stop loss order, but it is not free, and the additional costs can be seen before placing the order. Open positions are displayed in the Positions window. Here they can be modified or closed. Price levels of active orders are shown in the chart window. Pending orders can be modified or cancelled in the Orders tab of the position window.

Next to the instrument module is the chart window that can be maximized for more convenient use. There are 18 time-frames – from 1 second to 1 month and the number of candles displayed can be also selected. There are a lot of chart types, drawing tools and indicators, represented as icons at the bottom. Current chart can be printed and chart settings can be saved as a template. Zooming can be done by buttons or mouse scroll wheel. There are buttons with buy and sell prices that opens the Order window. There is a pattern recognition option but it is available in live accounts only.

The menu bar is located at the top of the workspace. It shows account information such as total margin, available funds, account balance and current profit/loss. Instruments can also be added from the search field and the library button located here. Next to them is a watchlist menu allowing to create new lists. There is a 1-Click trading button as well. Once the order parameters are set into the default order settings window, opening of positions is only one click away.

Platform offers Reuters real-time news available in live account only.

Although the platform is web-based, it is rather complicated and would be suitable for more advanced traders.

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