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Along with the well-known MetaTrader 4, the UK broker TF Global Markets (UK) Ltd provides its own forex platform called ThinkTrader. The company offers its financial services under the name ThinkMarkets. Platform is available as desktop and web-based versions.

The desktop version requires downloading and installing an executable file of 4 MB. During the installation, a specific version of Java Runtime Environment is also required and if this version is not on found on the computer, it must be downloaded and installed as well. Working in a java environment implies a higher load on the computer’s resources, making the choice of desktop version less attractive.

The default background is black and workspace is divided into five windows that can be resized and moved. There is a menu bar with icons of most used actions and account information at the top of the platform. The settings button is also there. Below the top menu bar there are tabs that open different platform features. The trading tab is loaded initially and it shows the Watch list, Charts, Active Orders, Order History and Positions windows. The watch list window informs about bid and ask prices, high and low values, current spread, daily net change and micro chart columns. Instruments can be searched for and added from the add symbol field. Each window can be closed and modified by the corresponding buttons.

Orders can be placed by clicking on the Bid or Ask prices of the instrument in the watch list or by clicking on the Sell or Buy buttons in the charts window. The New order window opens and the order properties can be set. They include order type, traded quantity and specifying of stop loss and take profit orders. Open positions can be closed from the positions window by clicking on the X button. The Close position window appears. It informs about the closing price and the current result of the position. If there are more than one open positions, they can be closed together by clicking on Close All buttons.

The Dashboard tab shows all instruments as cubes. If 1-click function is active, cubes are a more convenient way to quickly opening a position without having to confirm. Fans of the technical analysis can use the Opportunities features. Different chart patterns defined automatically by the Authochartist can be found here. Market Explorer shows all available for trading instruments. Charts and New Orders windows for each symbol can be opened here. There is a dedicated tab called Watchlists that shows all symbols in detail.

The chart tab shows single or multi chart windows. New charts can be added by clicking on the Chart icon. There are 10 time-frames – from 1 minutes to 1 month and charts can be displayed as candles, bars and lines. The default colors are not very convenient to work and it is recommended to be changed in the settings menu. The mouse can be turned into a crosshair with data box. Graphical objects include trend lines, horizontal and vertical lines, channel, text and Fibonacci retracement. There are 90 technical indicators sorted alphabetically. Charts can be zoomed by the dedicated slider or by using the mouse scroll wheel. Price scale can be changed by dragging.

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